We build software solutions that excel in achieving challenging business objectives.

Mobile Applications

Today smartphones are the most popular devices in the world and it is crucial that every business have an app to control every activity.
We develop enterprise mobile applications for multi platforms using latest technologies.
At Prius we don't just build mobile applications, we focus in every step of creation thinking and giving innovating ideas for a better user experience.
From simple reference applications to productivity tools to secure enterprise solutions with integrated backend systems, Prius does it all.

Web Applications

Web is everywhere. No matter what you're using, your mobile, your desktop or your tv, if you need a service you can access it in seconds.
Building great solutions for web is one of our priorities because technologies are promising and we are eager to use as much as we can.
Using the latest technologies out there gives us a lot of space for inovative ideas, which gives you a better solution for your business.
We are focused on changing the way our clients think about the web. Our apps are business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative.

Desktop Applications

Desktop was the only device for running applications a decade ago. But even with smartphones and web, desktop is still the most powerful device to process data.
Wherever you application needs high performance and great user interactivity experience desktop is the best platform! We use Java technologies to build desktop software, giving you high performance, and secure applications.


For Enterprises, it is crucial to have applications which boost their employees productivity.
We have solutions for that. We build intranet solutions for every activity of a medium-large enterprise company. These solutions consists on many application modules for publishing and communication, document and data management, community solutions and legacy interaction systems.

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions consist in web-based applications systems, capable of managing processes of a business and automating them.
Starting from resource planning, to time management, task management, localization, accouting, project management, sales management, asset management and distribution management ERP-s does all for you.
They are built as a client-admin systems for employees (mobile apps and web based modules) and administrative interfaces for managing data.

Document Management Systems

Documents Management Systems are applications built to track, manage, store documents and keeping records of various versions created and modified by the users.
In enterprises, document management systems are important solution to keep data safe, revisioned and easily managed.

We have solutions for every industry



Tools we use to build rapid & secure solutions for our clients

Java Enterprise

The mature Java Technologies offer best support for building robust, and secure applications, becoming first choice for enterprise solutions
We use Java for building powerful back-ends, web, desktop and android applications.


PHP is the world's most famous server-side scripting language.
We use PHP for building dynamic web pages, simple web applications (where performance is not a real issue).

node JS

Node JS is a new but a powerful technology.
It shines in real-time web applications employing push technology over websockets and web services. We use node to create real time applications with heavy traffic and reactive to the user.


A powerful and modern web framework for Java Platform.
We use Play for its powerful features, productivity it offers to our developers and predictive scalability.


A modern software platform for creating desktop and rich internet applications that can run in a wide variety of devices.
We use JavaFX to build complex graphical user interfaces for desktop applications.

Angular JS

The self proclaimed "Superheroic JavaScript Framework “enhances the old web, offering more control and extensibility.
We us Angular to build complex RIA web applications to boost the workflow.


A new HTML5 framework with mobile-optimized components, gestures for building highly interactive apps.
We use IONIC as first choice framework to build hybrid mobile applications.


AlloyUI is a framework built on top of YUI3 that uses Bootstrap to provide a simple API for building high scalable applications.
We use Alloy to build complex web applications interfaces.


Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value.
We use liferay to build web portals for enterprise as it offers great security and scalability.


Using latest web technologies and frameworks we build web solutions from dynamic websites to complex RIA/SPA web applications.


Android is the most popular mobile platform chosen by biggest smartphone brands as its primary operating system. We build flat & modern, fast, highly optimized android native applications for individuals and enterprises.

IOS / Windows Phone

We offer Hybrid (HTML5) solutions for these platforms, offering same functionality as native applications.


Desktop applications offer levels of security, interactivity and performance different from a web application. We use Java to build high-performance, scalable, secure and cross-platform desktop applications.


PostgreSQL is the most advanced advanced, relational database management system which has the main goal of being standards-compliant and extensible. We use PostgreSQL as our main database technology for its extensibility and performance.


MySQL is the most popular one of all the large-scale database servers. It is a feature rich that powers a lot of web-sites and applications online. We use MySQL mainly for websites & web applications requiring simple data manipulation.


MongoDB is our first choice for a NOSQL database. We use it for high write load, high availability and when data is going to be grown fast.


Couchbase is our choice for NOSQL database for highly optimized interactive applications.
It offers great extensibility, scalability and concurrent usage.

Key Staff

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies